Strain gage

A strain gage detects a minute dimensional change (strain) as an electric signal. By measuring strainwith the gage bonded to a material or structure, the strength or safety can be known. Thus, the straingage is used in various industries including machinery, automobile, electric, civil engineering, medical,and food.

The strain gage is also adopted as a sensing element of force, pressure, acceleration, vibration,displacement, and torque transducers used for various purposes including measurement and controlof production lines.

KYOWA produced the first Japanese-made strain gages in 1951, and based on the abundantexperience and technologies accumulated throughout these years, the Company manufactures avariety of high-performance, environmentally friendly strain gages.

  1. Strain, Stress, and Poisson’s Ratio
  2. Principle of Strain Gages
  3. Principle of Strain Measurement
  4. Strain-gage Wiring Systems
  5. Self-Temperature-Compensation Gages
  6. Strain Gage Model Name Coding System
  7. Major Properties of KYOWA Strain Gages
  8. Strain Gages with Pre-Attached Lead Cables

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