Self-Temperature-Compensation Gages

When receiving a temperature change, a strain gagebonded to a measuring object generates an apparentstrain due to a difference in linear expansioncoefficient between the measuring object and theresistive element of the strain gage, and a thermallyinducedresistance change of the gage element.The SELCOM gage has a resistance temperaturecoefficient of the resistive element adjusted to matchwith the measuring object, thereby minimizing theapparent strain.Virtually all KYOWA’s strain gages are SELCOMgages, and if bonded to suitable materials, thethermally-induced apparent strain is within 1.8 ?m/m/? in a temperature range of 10 to all slots casino 80? . As shownin Fig. 7, the thermally-induced apparent strain ofKFG gages is within ?m/m/? in a temperature rangeof 20 to 40? in which they are most frequently used.

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