Simultaneous Acquisition of Video and Numeric Data/Arithmetic Operations


  • Simultaneous acquisition of movie and physical variables
  • Arithmetic operations


PDF Information

Video Data Acquisition
Applicable Camera

DirectX-compatible Web camera

Web camera the OS can recognize as an imaging device)
Number of Applicable cameras     1
Resolution/Size     Max.640*480 pixel
Frame Rate     Max.30 frames per second
Saving File Format     AVI (Audio-Video Interleave)
Number of Video Capture Windows Available on Display     1
Operations Available     Video data monitoring/recording in linkage with measuring operation, and zooming

※Note : Resolution/size and frame rate depend on an applied camera.

Test Data Acquisition in Linkage with Video

Data File Destination     Data file folder of the PC
Measuring Mode     Manual, manual with a preset number of measurements
Sampling Frequency     Max. 10kHz

※Note Practical measuring conditions which can be set are limited depending on an applied measuring instrument.

Video Reproduction

Reproducible File Format     AVI
Number of Simultaneous Reproducible Files     1
Number of Reproduce Windows Available on Display     1
Operation Available     Play, stop, pause, frame-by-frame forward/backword, zoom, change of reproduce speed.
Synchronized Cursor     Video and graph can be reproduced with cursors synchronized
Precaution     Video data acquisition and arithmetic operation can not be made at the same time

Analysis process

Arithmetic operation

Number of Calculation Channels     Max.32
Calculation Channel Conditions     Calculation ON/OFF,arithmetic expression (within 200 characters), unit, number of numeric digits on display, channel name (within 40 characters)
Operations available     Calculation channel data can be monitored together with measurement data and saved in the same data file.
Arithmetic Expression
Inputtable Channels     Measuring channels, calculation channels
Inputtable Operators and Constants     +,-,*,/,^ 《power》,PI[π],( )[parentheses]
Inputtable Calculation Functions
SQR     Square root     ABS     Absolute value
SIN     Sine     COS     Cosine
TAN     Tangent     ASIN     Arc sine
ACOS     Arc cosine     ATAN     Arc tangent
LOG     Common logarithm     LN     Natural logarithm
EXP     Exponent     HMX     Max. principal strain
HMN     Min. principal strain     HSM     Max. shearing strain
SMX     Max. principal stress     SMN     Min. principal stress
SSM     Max. shearing stress     DEG     Principal strain direction

FFT analysis

Analysis type     Linear spectrum, power spectrum, cross spectrum,autocorrelation, and cross correlation
Number of analytical data     256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192
Window function     OFF, Hamming, Hann, Fejer, Blackman, Gaussian
Number of analytical result window     Maximum 8
Image display of analytical results
Linear spectrum     Amplitude (linear)/(log) phase
Power spectrum     Amplitude (linear)/(log)
Cross spectrum     Amplitude (linear)/(log) phase
Autocorrelation     Correlation
Cross correlation     Correlation
Coherence     Coherence
Number of analytical data
Sampling frequency     Maximum 10kHz

Filter processing

Target channel     Measurement channel (analog channel)
Digital filer     IIR filter
Feature     Butterworth
High pass/low pass     FLAT, 1/2 sampling frequency
Transfer characteristic     0 : none,2-4 order

Differential and integral calculus

Target channel     Measurement channel (analog channel)
Transfer characteristic     0 : none,1-2 order

Average movement processing

Target channel     Measurement channel (analog channel)
Simple movement average     0 : none,2-5000

Measurement condition during operation processing

Save position of data files     Data file save folder of PC. If the number of controller is 1, the data files can be saved in HDD/SSD of EDX-3000A
Measurement mode     Manual, manual (setting collection data)
Sampling frequency     Maximum 1024Hz
Operating Environment

Applicable Measuring Instruments     EDX-3000A
OS     Windows XP, Windows Vista,Windows 7 (32-bit Japanese/English Edition)
CPU     Pentium4, 2 GHz or higher
Memory     2GB or more
Monitor Resolution     1024*768 pixel or more

* File processing, differentiation, integration and average movement processing are read as operation conditions and can be saved (extension name: DFL)

* Operation channel conditions and matrix conditions are read as operation conditions and can be saved (extension name: DCO)

* Matrix conditions are used as condition files and can be read and saved (CSV format files)

* When data files saved at the hard disk of EDX-3000A, calculation condition conforms EDX-3000A.

* When data files are saved at data save folder of PC, the maximum number of set under control is 4.

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